Friday, 27 September 2013

Hello blog world!!

So here we are, finally at the beginning of something I hope to be very special.  I have toyed with the idea of starting my own blog for about a year now, but was constantly put off.  I have to say mostly because I was intimidated be the wonderful photography I see on all of the blog's out there.  To be honest I'm still quite intimidated but thankfully I have finally gotten over the fear that I will be a total outcast of blog world and I've just went for it.  I have convinced myself that I am doing this entirely for myself as a record of my life, my family and my crafting exploit's.  However, I would be lying completely if I didn't admit that I would like to be accepted into the wonderful world of craft blogger's.  I was first introduced to this world when I stumbled across the lovely Lucy's blog at Attic 24, as a crochet addict Lucy's blog was and still is right up my street.  I find Attic 24, as well as the many other crafting blog's out there a constant source of inspiration and I can only hope to one day inspire someone else along their crafty way.  So here's to us at the beginning of a very special relationship.  It's been nice talking to you today and I hope we will talk again soon!

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