Friday, 4 October 2013

My First Reveal!

I'm really excited to be doing my first reveal, and I really hope it is the first of many!  My 'Little Artist's bag' came about when i started to think of Christmas present's.  I usually start with the children in the family, you know nieces and nephew's, and i usually always try and make the children something handmade.  I think children in general get so much stuff at Christmas they hardly know what they have and i just like to give them something different, something unique, something they can keep and know that it was handmade by their Auntie Milly especially for them.  As a more obvious added benefit it's not as expensive as trying to keep up with the ever demanding and changing toy market.  Especially if, like me, most of your things are made from recycled and reused material.  I love it when you can give something a second life as something else, there is just something extremely satisfying in knowing that you have given something that was destined for the charity shop, or bin, a second chance and it will continue to be used for another few years at least.  The material used in this project was given to me by my sister when she was redecorating her two girls room's, isn't it ironic that they are now getting them back as Little Artist's bags.  

Anyway, back to the matter at hand.  While trawling through pinterest for inspiration and idea's i came across a few bags like this.  I particularly liked this one and this one.  So i decided to give it a go and make my own.  After a few failed attempts with incorrect measurement's and a lot of frustration I eventually got something I am really very proud of, so here goes.

My Little Artist's Bag

There is a little pocket on the outside.

The inside
Inside there is pocket to hold  an A3 size art pad and a pocket with individual section's for the colouring pencil's and another space for a ruler, which i haven't put in yet.  The only problem I have had is that when the colouring pencil's are put in it sort of pulls the edge up a bit.  I'm thinking that maybe i have made the pencil pocket's to tight a fit.  I will have to try and make them a little bigger next time.

Despite that little default, i am very proud of this little bag, and i just hope the girl's like them too!!!!  I'm hopefully going to do a tutorial on this, when i can get round it, and i'm thinking i might make an A4 sized one for my older niece   She is eight and the other's are 3 and 4, so i want her's to be little more grown up.  So watch this space.

Thanks for dropping in today, hope to see you again soon.

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