Monday, 7 October 2013

The little things!

I love that wee saying ' always remember the little things,  because one day you will look back and realize they were the big things'.  Forgive me if I haven't got that exactly right, but you know what I mean. Generally, everyday we take so much for granted,  my biggest problem is not taking the time to step back and look at what's going on around me.  Like being too busy tidying the toys to watch how the kids are playing. 


Like when did my little man learn how to be a doctor, honestly the last time I looked he was building blocks and knocking them down again.  Now all of a sudden there he is playing pretend doctors with a teddy bear.  It was so cute I almost cried, he did it all himself.  Well, alright, i did help him with the blanket, but he was keeping a real close eye on me the whole time to make sure I did it right.

I really enjoyed watching him.  Another thing I love to watch is my boy's interacting, particularly with their daddy.  I firmly believe that little boy's have a very special bond with their daddy's, I suppose it's much the same as little girl's with their mummy, but I don't think i'll ever get to experience that.  They just want to be like him so much, my boy's just love to spend one-on-one time with their daddy, and thankfully their daddy is more than willing to spend time with them, most of the time anyway. 

This is our big boy baking with daddy, they made some lovely soda bread.  Speaking of which....

was absolutely delicious with my home-made sweet potato, carrot and coriander soup.  I got the recipe here, but I left out the ginger, because i'm not a big fan of ginger, it was really lovely.  I love soup at this time of year, it's just so warming and home-made soup is something I just took for granted as a child.  I usually make soup on a Friday, to make use of any left over vegetable's before they go bad and also so there is something in the fridge which is quick and easy to get to the table.  I'll be doing this one again, and i'll be convincing my husband to make the soda bread every week too.

Another favorite from this time of year is chestnut's, or conker's as we call them here.  I have very fond memories of going out with my brothers and sister looking for chestnuts, the boy's used to take them home, screw a hole through the middle, string them on a rope and play 'conker's' with their friends.  Did anyone else play? or is it something from this part of the world?  They would take it in turn's to hit each other's conker's and the aim was to break the other one, the conker that ended the game intact won.  This is the first year we have taken our boy's out looking for chestnut's and they really enjoyed it.

We have yet to teach them how to play conker's, but i'm sure my husband will get round to it.

Lastly fitting in some time for some sewing, this time a small doll's quilt, I will show the doll next time.

This is the first quilt i have made,  i really enjoyed making it and it will not be my last.  I hope someday the when she is all grown up, the little girl who is getting this little quilt will look back on it with some big fond memories as well.

Thank's for stopping by today, hope to see you again soon xx.

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