Friday, 10 July 2015

Afternoon granny square delight!!!

I thought it was about time I shared something crochet related, so I'm going to talk about my latest crochet project!  I have managed to be quite organised lately with regards to my ongoing projects.  It's quite unusual for me to only have one thing on the go at a time, maybe it's because of my already limited crochet time.  I can't afford to be doing too much at once.  I'm not sure how long it will stay that way though, my mind is already bussing with idea's for other projects!!  It my also be because my current project, as well as the one before, is very important to be.  A little while ago I suddenly realised that neither of my older two boy's own a single object that has been crocheted by me!!!  That must be some form of child neglect!  To have a mother who is an avid hooker and not own a single crochet item, it must be unheard of.  I mean, sure, as babies they had blankets and things, but those are all safely packed away in memory boxes!! 

I simply had to fix it, and my first thought was a blanket!  In my crochet history I have made a few blankets, mostly as gifts and a few for around the house in general, but the boys are always fighting over them.  So I thought it would be a good thing for them both to have one they can call their own!!  I thought it only right that the oldest get first, he had waited the longest after all! 

After trawling through pinterest in search of the perfect blanket I finally decided on this 'as we go stripy blanket' from 'not your average crochet'.  With money being a bit tight, and an ever growing wool supply, I thought it was about time I used up some odds and ends of wool that I already had!  It really didn't take as long to complete as I had expected, probably about six weeks or so, which is good going for me!!  Any way here is the finished result........

I'm pretty proud of it and more importantly BT loves it, it sits on his bed and is frequently used for T.V. days! 
With blanket number one finished it was time to move on to number two!!  I gave pinterest a bit of a break this time, as I remembered having seen a blanket I liked in one of the issues of Simply Crochet Magazine.  This Rainbow Brights blanket was my initial inspiration!
I loved the idea of the Rainbow colour scheme, but I knew NJ wouldn't like the pinks, so I changed the colour's slightly.  Taking out the pinks and adding in some extra green's and blue's seemed to work well.  This is the colour scheme I went with....

The pattern was a basic granny square, but I made the square's one round bigger than the pattern stated.  I love doing granny square's, it's just the type of pattern you can do without thinking too much about it, so they fly off the hook and before you know it your surrounded by little square's!  Very satisfying!!! 
Although the squares are quick enough to do, the blanket seems to be taking a long time.  Probably because the children are off school for the summer, the only crochet time I get is in the evening's when the little monsters are in bed and few snatched moments where I can throughout the day!  Like yesterday evening while dinner was cooking, the older two were out playing and baby was happy playing on the floor. 
The ring is now the safer option, when he doesn't have your full attention, from he learnt to roll it's amazing how far he can travel just rolling over and over!!  Between shouts from outside of 'mum BT's stuck up a tree' (he actually was), and scream's from the floor when Mr Elephant went out of reach, I actually managed to do a little crochet!
I'm trying to be really good this time and sew in all the ends as I'm going, like most people, it's the part I like least, so if I can do it as I go along it won't be so bad!

I'm trying to do the square's a colour at a time, so I do all the squares in one colour then join them into the main blanket while I'm crocheting the cream boarder, using Lucy's 'join as you go' technique!  It's coming together slowly, but surely! 

I'm really pleased with how it's turning out so far and I'm already starting to think about the boarder!  I want something really fun, I was thinking maybe pom-pom's attached around a simple treble boarder, or maybe a popcorn stitch boarder.  What do you think?

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