Friday, 3 July 2015

Inspired by Fairy's

So after our recent trip to Slieve Gullion, I felt very inspired to create something pretty in our own garden.  Obviously a Fairy garden was the perfect solution, so I trailed through pintrest for hours, thoroughly getting lost in the world of fairy's.  There are some amazing examples of fairy garden's out there,  some simple everyday item's used to create the most magical and enchanting space's. 

Feeling truly inspired I headed out to the shops in search of some fairy like item's, primarily some sort of fairy house.  My first thought was an upturned flower pot, but I liked the idea of adding flowers, so in the end I went for a  pretty watering can with a lovely dainty flower in the top.  Of course I couldn't just leave it as an ordinary watering can, it wouldn't be complete without some sort of crafty make over!

I made a little door out of lollipop sticks and added a little button door handle.  Some large button windows and little lacy ribbon around the top, finally the addition of a pretty flower growing out of the roof completes the look, but now our fairy house needs a garden!  I created a little winding garden path using mosaic tiles.  A little moss dug up from the darkness under the boy's trampoline, by my ever suffering husband, created some greenery either side of the path.  Two topiary trees that I had from a dolls house I once refurbished either side of the door made the perfect entrance! 

Then, it was decided our fairy's would need some company in their garden, so along came Sammy snail and knobbly gnome.  A few more miniature looking plants (my knowledge of gardening is limited to nothing), I just picked some that looked like they would belong in a fairy garden!  A windmill ladybird completed the garden and I have to say I am very pleased with the finished product.  The boys were two, especially BT, who has just recently lost his first two baby teeth and thought it would be a lovely place for his tooth fairy to stay when she has to visit.  His tooth fairy is called Trixie, I think he is sort of hoping that by giving her a nice place to stay she will leave him some more money in exchange for his teeth. Not very likely, but he can hope!  For now they are very patiently waiting for some fairy's to take up residence I our garden, or indeed butterfly's, as according to BT fairy's disguise themselves as butterfly's so people can't see them.  Who knows it might be true, so the next time you see a butterfly in your garden, say hello, it may just be a fairy in disguise!!

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